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I'm zombylo owner and beat maker/ artist(artwork, videos, music) for puncture wound music..a label i created back in March..I'm trying to get off the ground (I don't have a studio or proper equipment yet I'm working on it)..everything I have done has been on my phone and with help of free apps and sites(website coming soon).. I make all kinds of different genre beats..which are for sale...so if you like us hit that ❤️ or subscribe button and share, don't be afraid to leave comments good or bad criticism, it's all welcome and helps me become better at putting out music that you can feel deep down in your soul.. so I just want to say to my current followers and to the future followers, Thank you for listening to my music and supporting me on my musical journey.. and if you want to show your support I have PayPal, cash app, google pay and chime..please feel free help us out every penny counts and is a blessing..if you want donate no matter how much it is, you can email or hmu through fb messenger for details to help support the music and keep the music flowing