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BBB ACCREDITED A+ Rated Mobile Catering Co. from #NOLA located in Georgia providing #OneOfAKind FLAVOR you WON'T find ANYWHERE else! We offer many services including but not limited to catering, food vending, meal prep, private chef(in-home & onsite), concessions, etc. Book us for events, weddings, fundraisers, graduations, festivals, birthday parties, corporate events, special occasions, and so much more. Reasons To Support Us: -MOBILE Catering Company -Offer a Variety of Services -Authentically New Orleans Originated -We are located in Buford, Ga -Travel Out-Of-State -10% OFF Discount (NEW Customers) -#Cooking4Causes Initiative (We pride ourselves on giving back) -Loyalty & Rewards Program -Real Food w/ Flavor -Fresh Ingredients -Served HOT not COLD -Non-Alcoholic Beverages w/ Purchase -Phenomenal Customer Service -Reasonable Prices -Quality -PROFESSIONAL Setup

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We look forward to providing quality service for your event or function. Please let us know in detail how we can be of assistance.

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