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Curiousity lead you here? ↓Special Treat↓ ↓Get to know Me↓ Long-time student of economics and theology, there remains in this world a need of no less than love, intentionality and Christ-driven purpose to heal the gaps between our narratives. Check out my Instagram!

My Education

B.S. Theology

Utilizes a post-liberal approach to theology, countering the grossly-immortalized individualism of the moderns, and embracing the art of narrative

as the introduction, journey and continuance of God's Kingdom. Using insights gained through this lens, we start to craft a togetherness that's been widely

fogged-over & obscured. What's your meta-narrative?

B.A. Economics

Hybrid of Hayek/Keynesian thought, with special attention to Catholic Social Teaching

2014 - 2018

Azusa Pacific University

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