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Ayo I am a Twitch Streamer!!! I post on tik tok sometimes I really like gaming and will take suggestions for games I might not always be able to afford them right away, but I will try. I also might not be the best gamer, but I think it's about having fun and making friends. The best way to get me to play a game fast is to like donate or somehow buy it for me which YOU DO NOT HAVE TO its optional I'm not an uwu pay for my stuff girl, but if you want to I won't complain. If I do somehow get gifted things or donated I'll put your name on a board and give ya a shout out :3 or if you raid...honestly if you're just super active in my community I'll do something for you 🥰 if somehow someday I get fanart (doubt) I'll also put ya on my wall. I hope to see many lemon seeds joining my community 🥰 much love- Lemon