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Started 1993 as a 10 year old barber x Barber Apprentice x Navy Barber x Master Barber x Superbarber x Barbershop owner x Barber Influencer

Thank you for scanning! We are now friends. You can call me Superbarber. That is also my Instagram and Tik Tok names. A little about me: I have been a barber for over 25 years (New Orleans, Washington, Naval Vessels (Navy Vet), Atlanta, Mississippi, and Memphis). My dream was to one day become a famous barber and I have cut multiple SuperBowl winning clients, NBA champions, and Collegiate Stars. The name Superbarber was given to me in 2008 by a client. He stated that the haircut was great but the experience was greater. The Old rich white man left the shop in a red corvette and tipped me $100. In awe, I created the character. The Superbarber became a phenom. Cutting over 100 clients a week and packed out shops alone. Other barbers started to immolate. The MJ KOBE LEBRON effect in a barber. My goals are now to help the beauty/ barber industry grow in a cleaner light. We all have tried rapping, being an athlete, maybe some tried dealing drugs. Barbers and Beauticians are hustlers, but we are MORE than just that! We are Not Equal If you are a barber or beautician and want to learn more about maximizing income, health plans, retirement, and how to command a shop, please reach out. Text me at 210-988-1199, Subject Barbering Future Millionaire Barber

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