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Hi my name is Sydonia Moses C.E.O & Founder of Sydology Arts Premade or Custom Art Shop Resin Art,Canvas Art Jewlery, Keychains, Etc... Or you can Mix It Up- this is anything outside my normal Catagories, also you have an idea and want to know if I can do it. Just Book a Consultation and I'd be happy to help. * If you are inquiring about booking a Painting With A Twist class. You can go to their company website (link below). Click upcoming events to see what painting your interested in then click on that picture. Check if my name is there, if it's not you can still book that class with our other amazing artists. (This is soely for promotion for this company. Any art that is a PWAT Painting You have to book me with that company. I am an employee there. I do not own rights to any of the paintings I recreate that are original PWAT Paintings.