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I am Tara J. Williams REALTOR® IG @taraj.williams.flrealtor | 904-608-5620  www.TaraWilliamsFLRealtor.com I am a Realtor, License Real Estate Agent, I was born in Connecticut. I attended school there then moved to Georgia(GA), which my grandparents roots were born and raised. I attend high school and college in Georgia, along with having my children there, then relocated to Jacksonville Florida in 2013. After much thought and procrastination, I decided to become a Realtor/Licensed Real Estate agent in the State of Florida. I completed my real estate course at Watson Realty right here in Jacksonville FL. I have a love and passion for helping people no matter the situation. It brings me so much joy to see families strive to achieve their goal(s), especially in homeownership, which is a wonderful investment opportunity.  I am Tara J.Williams and I am super excited to have you here! I welcome you. My goal is to help aid in the community and support all individual(s) and/or family's to acquire Homeownership. As an agent/entrepreneur we wear many hats and at all times our client(s) are the first thing we think about. Mainly because that is the start! I facilitate a positive environment where real estate transaction(s) come together between the seller(s) and the buyer(s) for their home(s) from today’s market.  Real Estate transactions can have its challenges at times but I have the knowledge and a super team working together for the greatness of my client(s) every time. We as agents are all unique, knowledgeable and powerful but we handle everything for our client(s). Every transaction is different but will be handled accurately and efficiently. We monitor the market in target areas, then market it to them. We will think outside of the Real Estate box to achieve the goal for our client(s). So if you or anyone you know rather family or friend(s) have a Real Estate goal(s)or want to know more information, contact me by cell phone at 904-608–5620, email [email protected], website http://www.TaraWilliamsFLRealtor.com or social media as in LinkedIn IG, FB, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and google my business at https://tara-j-williams-realtor.business.site. Let’s get you started in this most important transaction of your life, contact me any time wherever you are in life!