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United for the Peace of Africa(UPA), is a Non-Profit Organization for Peace and Development in Africa. Founded in 2017, incorporated on January 30, 2019. United for the Peace of Africa (UPA), comprised all African countries through our members(Supervisors, Representatives, Coordinators, and so on), and also the rest of the World through our members(UPA World Missions). OUR VISION We envision a world of People motivated by Peace and Development rather than Conflict, Terrorism, Hatred, and Fear. OUR MISSION To inspire humanity with the power of Peace and Development. We are dedicated to supporting economic and social development and building peace AIMS AND OBJECTIVES -Promote Unity through interfaith dialogue and transformations, and abolished religious sectarianism by engaging religious scholar -Making research on conflict in Africa and introducing Peace Education and Conflict Studies into the school curriculum -To prevent. alleviate and resolve conflict by engaging various levels of key stakeholders around the world and establishing Mediation Centre in all communities in Africa - To transform Africa by investing in our youth and their God-given potential -To disseminate a culture of peace and encourage young people to create conditions for dialogue and reconciliation -To build bridges across lines of difference -Providing infrastructures to communities and distribution of relief materials to displaced people -To explore social issues that hinder peace in our society by engaging with people from inter and multidisciplinary backgrounds -Empowerment of uneducated, Unskilled, Educated, Semi-Skilled, and Skilled people through training and financial support, also assisting Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) with financial support. -To involve in all services to HUMANITY. -To partake in achieving the United Nations General Assembly Vision 2030 Agenda ( 17 SDGs). -To widen our network between fellow peace organizations both locally and internationally. UPA:- Bring peace to the room. website: www.upaafrica.org