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Valerie Christensen

With my 23 years in customer service working retail and the food industry, I love helping people. I love helping people find what they need, being informative, sharing knowledge, and making people happy. Over the years I have met many customers who have become life-long friends. This is what I bring to you in your home buying experience as well. I have lived in the Boise area 26 years and am happy it's my home. There are so many great things I enjoy about Idaho from the friendly and diverse people, to the amazing food, and entertainment, to the quiet tranquility and beauty in the outdoors. I am a certified foodie and obtained a degree in culinary arts so I can enjoy wonderful food with my family and friends every day. If you don't find me cooking you can find me mountain biking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and hiking with my husband Rob, daughter Keylie, and our German shepherd, Indiana. I look forward to talking with you. Together, let's find your dream home!