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Hi! Welcome to the Wild Wellness Collective where we focus on clean living, natural wellness, and work/life balance for all. Clean, organic, ethical ingredients are sourced and used to create the products sold at the Wild House Market + Apothecary where we advocate for living life a little more naturally + intentionally. Shopping slow + small is what we want to encourage here; never pushing to buy anything, but shopping intentionally for what you may need or may have been searching for. We handcraft in small-batches, some items very limited due to sourced materials, in hopes of keeping our waste down and quality of products as fresh as can be, (especially when it comes to the apothecary goods!) Many of these products were inspired by needs in the founder’s own life to manage stress, ditch the toxins, and to live life a little more grounded + balanced. ___ Forever learning and evolving. Thank you for being here for the journey, friend. Together, WE ARE THE WILD.