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HELLO , my name is andrew! but most of u know me as DNG! be sure to follow me on twitter and go join my discord ! i host my own smash tournaments here and there so be sure to join up! also im a twitch streamer! be sure to drop me a follow on twitch as well! info about me: im a 17 year old male and i love watching anime and playing video games! i am a smash bros competitor in the socal IE region! also i love animals and i am a huge smash bros fan and kingdom hearts fan! also i love the purge series and besides that, i skateboard as a fun getaway hobby to relax at times. My birthday is on March 6 as well. Well that’s all you gotta know about me, if you read this, thank you for taking the time from ur day to read this and I hope you have a good day or night!