How to get started with your trial

When you create a new Flowcode account, you have 14 days to try premium tools.

Explore the features below for any use case — including collecting CRM, app downloads, commerce, TV, marketing and more:
Geo-location tracking
View on a map where your QR codes are getting scans.
White label customization
Custom logos and shapes
Remove Flowcode logos to create a QR code that matches your brand.
Smart Rules
Smart rules
Create rules for where your codes scan to based on time or location.
Bulk code creation
Create hundreds of QR codes with different scan destinations in seconds.
Collaboration with others
Invite your team (or friends) to your account and make as many codes as you.
Make a custom QR code
Build a Flowcode that matches your brand colors and aesthetic.
Common questions about Flowcode trials
Questions not answered?
Can I extend my trial?

Trials will only run for 14 days. At the end of your trial you will need to select a plan. If you are using premium features for a campaign and need to retain usage, book a meeting with our sales team for guidance on the best plan for you.

What happens to my QR codes when my trial expires?

When your trial is over you will get to select a plan. If you have created more Flowcode QR codes than your selected plan limit provides, the additional codes will be archived. Don't worry, these codes will still scan! However, you will not be able to edit them.

Can I invite my team to my trial?

The more the merrier. Invite your team or friends to create as many Flowcode QR codes as you would like. Don't forget to scan the codes you create to view the data in your analytics dashboard in real-time.

What happens to my team members after my trial expires?

Any team members above your selected seat limit will be removed from your organization. Any Flowcode QR codes, Flowpages, or folders owned by these members will be transferred to you, the organization owner.

I was invited to join a trial, but now it's over and I don't have access. What do I do?

You need to contact the account owner of your trial and have them select a plan with collaboration seats.

Resources to get going

Connect to call, text, and email
Flowcode's printing Guide
QR Code Scan to PDF
How to share PDFs with QR codes
Guide to creating your first Flowcode
Need more?
Flowcode Enterprise Plan
Join 70% of the Fortune 1000 using Flowcode for full funnel conversion tracking and measuring the ROI of offline spending.
White glove service
Get a customer success manager added to your team and access to 1:1 support.
Creative support
Unlimited design resources and best practices sessions to ensure your campaigns are successful.
Flowcode Pixel
Measure the ROI of your offline campaigns and track full-funnel conversions.
The only QR code optimized for TV. Access custom assets with best performing templates.
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