QR Codes for Collecting CRM

Frictionless contact collection at scale

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with Flowcode’s powerful CRM integration. Collect, analyze, and utilize customer data like never before.
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Collecting CRM
Integrate with ease
Whether it’s Zapier or Mailchimp, connect a QR code to any CRM platform of your choice. Use our API to generate batch QR codes with unique qualities.
Integrate with ease
Passive lead generation
A mailing list is the bread and butter of any live event promoter. A QR code is an easy way to get them to sign up. Create lead magnets and strong CTAs to encourage people to volunteer their contact details.
Passive lead generation
Diversify destinations with offline campaigns
QR brings offline to online. Bring customers from your marketing campaigns into your funnel. From billboards to direct mail, QR codes can be placed on any surface and integrate with your CRM platform.
Diversify destinations with offline campaigns

Best practices for QR codes for CRM

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with Flowcode’s powerful CRM integration. Collect, analyze, and utilize customer data like never before.
Scan to a Flowpage
A Flowpage is a mobile landing page for people to land when they scan your QR code. Collect email addresses, phone numbers, and more.
Design your QR code
Flowcode staffs a design team that helps you create custom codes. Get one built for your brand and see sky high engagement.
Put codes everywhere!
You can put a code on anything to gather CRM data. Place them on packages, billboards, flyers, business cards, swag, videos, or the walls of your store.
One page. All of your links.
Flowpage is a mobile landing page that can host any link of your choice. From social profiles to payment apps, give your audience one convenient hub to land on when you connect your Flowcode QR code to a Flowpage.
One page. All of your links.
Learn how to make your streamline your networking in minutes
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QR for realtors

Contact collection and management is vital to any realtor building and maintaining a network. However, finding effective ways to manage vast amounts of information in an organized and actionable way to maintain various leads is tough. CRM QR code integrations are a seamless way to create a process around your contact collection that enables individuals and firms to most seamlessly manage various leads and relationships at once. Leveraging QR codes at offices, open houses, and more enables you to easily gather contact information digitally. Using Flowcode, you can also integrate your QR code with your chosen CRM software. Flowcode integrates with 6+ popular integrations from Salesforce to Klaviyo in order to make your process on the back end as easy as contact collection is with QR.

QR for marketers

QR codes for direct mail, on product packaging , and other marketing collateral are a great way to passively collect customer contact information to add them to your sales funnel. Never lose out on the opportunity to gain customer information when you add a QR code to your offline and physical tools and make it easy for customers to join your mailing list and more. Next, manage all this information painlessly by using Flowcode's existing CRM integrations with 6+ popular tools. Flowcode is your all in one tool to add customers to your funnel and transform contact collection to a digital hub into an easy task.

QR for networkers

Contactless business card is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’ll always be ready to exchange your personal or professional contact information. Better yet, digital contact collection also enables you to manage your connections with your favorite CRM integrations. By leveraging a QR code v card on your phone or wallet, you can gather all new contact information and store it in your hub seamlessly. Build an endless list of potential clients, investors, deal flows, and more when you integrate your personal networking with an online contact information hub. Flowcode makes it easier than ever to exchange contact information digitally and plug it into your existing CRM tools -- working with 6+ popular integrations . Make follow-ups and check-ins easy when you connect your offline networking with your CRM hub with our automated tool.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for CRM
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How can QR codes be used for CRM?

QR codes can be used for CRM in a variety of ways. QR codes are an increasingly popular tool for customer relationship management (CRM), as they provide a quick and easy way to access customer data and track interactions. Here are some ways QR codes can be used to optimize CRM: 

  1. Automate customer data collection by placing QR codes on promotional materials, websites, and other customer touchpoints, allowing customers to easily scan the codes and enter their contact information. 
  2. Collect customer feedback through a QR code linked survey, allowing customers to easily scan the code and quickly fill out the survey. 
  3. Automate customer interactions with tools like automated emails or text messages when a user scans the QR code. 
  4. Track customer interactions by placing QR codes in strategic places with viable call to actions and incentives. 
  5. Provide personalized experiences for customers, such as providing discounts or offering special promotions through QR code scans.
  6. Instruct people how to use the product or service through QR codes placed on the packaging. 

Read about what customers look for in QR codes so you can create one that best interfaces with them.

Can QR codes be used in CRM emails?

Yes QR codes can be used in CRM emails. They can be used to:

  1. Gather emails
  2. Embedded in the emails you send, linking to customer service portals like an app or a phone number that can easily be dialed by scanning. 
  3. Link to chat bots that can answer questions.
  4. Allow customers to track their shipments on their phones.
  5. Provide instructional information 

Really, the possibilities of QR codes are quite endless when it comes to CRM. Here are some ways that marketers use them to better communicate with their customers.

Where can QR codes for CRM be placed?

QR codes for CRM can be placed almost anywhere, digital or physical. If you’re planning to use QR codes to gather customer contact information you’ll want to place those codes wherever your customers might see them. That could include: 

  1. Business cards
  2. Merchandise
  3. Flyers
  4. Websites 
  5. The walls businesses
  6. Entrances and exits
  7. Packaging
  8. Receipts 

As long as you’re using a code generator like Flowcode that offers unlimited scans, you might as well place your codes in as many places as you can.

How do I create a QR code for my business contact?

It’s straightforward to create a QR code for your business contact information. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a QR code generator. 
  2. Take both cost and feature set into account. Not all codes are created equal and sometimes a free code offers more features than a paid one. Flowcode is a good example of a free code that has more features than many other paid plans.
  3. If you’re planning to use your code to gather CRM contacts, you’ll likely want codes with unlimited scans. Companies like Flowcode offer a basic plan that comes with three free codes with unlimited scans
  4. You’ll want to choose one that has analytics so you can track engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  5. Choose a code that has dynamic linking capabilities, meaning that the destination can be changed whenever, without the need for a reprint.
  6. Once you find a QR code generator you like, select the code’s colors
  7. Select its shape
  8. Select the internal dox matrix pattern
  9. Insert its destination
  10. Upload your logo
  11. Affix it to any physical or digital location, depending on your strategy.
Can QR codes be integrated into Hubspot and Salesforce?

QR codes can be integrated into Hubspot and Salesforce, assuming that you choose one that has this functionality. Flowcode’s Pro plans allow for API access and seamless CRM integration, supported by a staff that can answer all your questions.

Here are some facts about integrating QR codes into CRMs:

  1. QR codes can be used to gather sign-ups for nearly any CRM platform including Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, Agile, and more. 
  2. Once you’ve created your sign-up page on your chosen CRM platform, you can copy the link to the form and input it into a QR code generator of your choice. 
  3. When customers scan the code, they’ll be taken to the appropriate location to provide their email address and other information. 
  4. When choosing a QR code generator, you should consider what features will best allow you to gather your customers’ contact information. For example, Flowcode offers unlimited scans with its free basic plan, which could be essential if you’re trying to gather a high volume of contacts.

How much does it cost to create a QR code for CRM platforms? The price varies depending on the plan and the prices are subject to change. Here is some more info on how much it costs to create a QR code for CRM platforms:

  1. Both Flowcode’s free and paid plans offer CRM integration. 
  2. Flowcode’s free plan allows for simple contact collection and basic CRM integration.
  3. More advanced integration such as Klavyio, salesforce, zapier is available on paid plans. 

Check out which plan is right for your CRM integration.

How much does it cost to create a QR code for CRM platforms?

Different QR code generators charge different amounts for different features. Many generators will provide at least one code for free, though you may have to pay more for additional features. If you’re only planning to use a code for linking to a sign-up form to gather contact information, you can probably get by with one code applied in as many locations as you’d like. You’ll likely want that code to come with unlimited scans so you can prepare for success and it could also be helpful if the code is dynamic. The destination of dynamic codes can be edited without having to generate a new code, so you can launch new campaigns with ease.