QR Codes for Direct Mail

Measure the impact of your direct mail campaigns

Space on product packaging is precious — but QR codes are worth the addition. Check out these best practices.
Direct mail
We power direct connections for the world's leading brands
Collect CRM at scale
By scanning a QR code, audiences are easily directed to sign-up forms, social profiles, or even pre-filled text messages to register for campaigns. Direct mail can be a powerful driver of CRM when QR codes are applied.
Collect CRM at scale
Drive audiences directly to product listings
No more typing in websites or calling phone numbers. QR codes are a ubiquitous, effortless way to bring people to your online store so they can buy your products.
Drive audiences directly to product listings
Measure the effectiveness of regional campaigns
With traditional mailers, tracking the effectiveness of campaigns is difficult. However, when someone scans a QR, they are brought online so it’s easy to track the effectiveness of your campaigns using Flowcode’s analytics.
Measure the effectiveness of regional campaigns

Best practices for QR codes for direct mail

Space on product packaging is precious — but QR codes are worth the addition. Check out these best practices.
Print it large
A small QR code is not only hard to notice; it’s hard to scan. Make sure your code is printed as a PNG and at least 1"x1" big.
Design your QR code
QR codes that match the aesthetic of your brand get more engagement. Work with our team of designers to create a QR code that sticks out from the rest.
Connect to a Flowpage
A Flowpage is a mobile landing page that can host product pages, social profiles, and any digital destination you can think of.
Ready to level up?
Flowcode pro offers more features, analytics, and customization
Ready to level up?
Tips for supercharging your direct mail campaigns
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Understand where your engagement is best

Adding QR codes on direct mail postcards can provide clear data insights to a marketing strategy that has been historically difficult to measure. QR codes are incredibly simple for customers to engage with, and allow marketers to track user engagement by monitoring metrics such as scans, click through rates, and even conversions. This unlocks a new level of insight and learning. When you leverage QR codes, you can use direct mail QR code scans to effectively attribute your website activity and conversions to specific campaigns. Flowcode makes that painless, with our ready-to-use codes that connect with a robust analytics dashboard built to help businesses grow! QR empowers marketers to determine the success of their campaign overall, and even gather insights by region or design tests. This provides data on which audiences resonate most with your product, or which messaging choices are most effective with consumers. Adding QR to your direct mail returns analytics to make data-driven decisions to optimize results in future campaigns – whether that's to prioritize specific audience segments or inform messaging choices.

Leverage campaigns for contact collection

QR codes for direct mail are an effective way for businesses to collect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Owning a direct relationship with your customers is incredibly valuable as it enables data-driven insights such as how to: grow your customer base, identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities, and manage complex relationships with your customers overall. QR direct mail marketing can seamlessly capture customer data by providing a direct link to a website, online form, or other contact collection method. Instantly, you can gather email addresses, phone numbers, and more to help guide future marketing and sales promotions. This frictionless scan-and-go system improves the odds that customers are willing to provide their information, and boosts the amount of actionable data you can gather. In short, QR codes for direct mail provide you a painless solution to collect customer data and build relationships with customers over time. Flowcode is your all-in-one platform to do this. With us, you can: create a custom code, direct users to pre-templated contact collection pages , and plug your data into 6+ popular CRM tools.

Direct more traffic to your online products

Getting customers to interact with and convert from your direct mail campaigns can be difficult. QR codes for direct mail can be a powerful tool to create a seamless user experience from your offline campaign to your online marketplace. Using QR codes to automate direct mail campaigns allows your consumers to quickly and frictionlessly access product listings online, without manually typing in lengthy URLs. Bringing convenience to your customers with this automated offline to online tool prevents potential churn by making the shopping experience and product discovery effortless. Leveraging QR codes on direct mail collateral harnesses the impression you’ve made with your customers, then instantly guides them toward an actionable next step – product discovery and purchase. Flowcode’s custom QR codes integrate seamlessly into your designs to make QR postcards, fliers, and more. It’s never been easier to make your marketing campaigns actionable and convenient for users to boost your conversions.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for direct mail
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How does a QR code work on mail?

QR codes can be printed on virtually any surface, and mail is no exception. Specifically for direct mail campaigns, QR codes can be used as a way to measure the effectiveness of your send. When someone scans a QR code they can be brought to any online destination like websites, product pages, PDFs, and so much more.