QR Codes for Donations

Drive 3.5x more donations with QR codes

Raising money with QR codes can bring in funds in innovative ways, but make sure to follow these best practices.
Broadcast at events
Want to encourage and measure audience engagement at your events? Attach a QR code to your presentations and increase audience engagement.
Broadcast at events
Attach to direct mail
Placing QR codes on your direct mail combines offline attention with the power of online data. Track the effectiveness of offline marketing while enabling online retargeting of the people who scanned your mail.
Attach to direct mail
Insert on marketing collateral
Transform your static marketing collateral into an interactive experience that engages your audience in exciting ways.QR bridges the gap between offline to online, allowing you to measure the impact of your marketing. and retarget donor engagement.
Insert on marketing collateral

Best practices for QR codes for donations

Raising money with QR codes can bring in funds in innovative ways, but make sure to follow these best practices.
Link to a Flowpage
A Flowpage is Flowcode’s one stop mobile page where you can link all the information a donor would need. Include educational materials, disclosures, events, and donation links.
Does your code scan?
Before you launch your donor campaign, scan and make sure the code works. Warping of the QR code can break it, so keep the aspect ratio of the QR image consistent.
Include calls to actions
If you want people to take action, you have to ask. Asking people to “donate now” lets people know what the purpose of the QR code and motivates them to act.
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Boost your fundraising efforts with these contactless hacks!
Need more information before you set up your fundraising campaign?
Capitalize on ethos by using QR during events

During your fundraising events, you have the unique opportunity to capture your audience's attention and ethos. Leveraging this impression in the moment to drive action is vital to boosting your fundraising efforts. But often, the lag between presentations to donations creates friction. That’s where contactless fundraising comes in – it’s efficient, seamless, and safe. By displaying the QR code on videos and presentations, viewers are able to easily scan the code to prompt a variety of actions: learn more about the topic, subscribe to mailing lists, or directly donate. Having users to scan to donate simplifies an often arduous process, and plugs into several other automated payment methods on mobile devices like PayPal, Venmo , or Apple Pay. This adds a modern touch to your fundraising efforts that excites your audience and lets them engage easily in real time. Non-profit organization QR code setups are made simple with Flowcode’s platform; our customizable codes make it effortless to create an eye-catching code you can add to any video or presentation. Take the effort out of donating and watch your funds soar!

Modernize your direct mailers for a seamless donor experience

Direct mail is an effective tool for increasing organization awareness, but it’s often difficult to get people to take action. Overcome a big hurdle with adding a Flowcode QR code that allows donors to scan to donate directly. Create a custom code that allows donors to make a contribution in seconds when you direct them to your organization's donation page. Help your campaign resonate more by using your QR code to link to additional information regarding the campaign, such as the mission statement and how funds will be used, to reinforce your message and encourage donors to give. QR code donations can also allow you to capture data from the people who scanned your mail. Suddenly, you can analyze the effectiveness of your campaign, gather information on your target audience, and leverage data to target new prospective donors. By using QR codes donations, your organization can simplify the donation process to boost engagement and capture actionable data.

Transform your marketing materials into a fundraising machine

QR codes are quickly becoming an essential tool for nonprofit organizations to drive awareness, establish connections, and gather contactless fundraising. Adding an interactive element to your offline marketing collateral – whether that’s table tents, posters, brochures – enables you to make your organization’s marketing actionable in the moment. Imagine how many more donations you can drive when people in the streets know they can scan-and-go rather than have to manually type a URL or search for your organization? With Flowcode, you can create ‘scan to donate’ codes that drive users directly to your donation portal. Leverage your existing marketing collateral to drive action by adding Flowcode’s custom QR codes; simply add your organization's logo and colors and you’re set to add a Flowcode to any design. Haven’t made any yet? We can help. Flowcode has a print shop with preset templates. In seconds you can bring your code to life with minimal effort and outstanding design. In just a few clicks, donors can scan to donate, making it easier than ever to contribute to a good cause.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for getting more donations with QR codes
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How can nonprofits get QR codes?

Non profits can get QR codes through a QR code service like Flowcode. In order to generate a QR code, nonprofits must:

  1. Select if they want a free QR code or a paid subscription. While free QR codes suffice for many campaigns, if a nonprofit has a larger audience, then it may be advantageous to have more options. Flowcode offers a variety of plans that fit the scope of whatever a nonprofit is trying to achieve. 
  2. Once a nonprofit has selected which plan they want to use, it’s time to design the QR code. The first step is to choose the color.
  3. Next, select the shape of the QR code
  4. Choose the internal dot matrix pattern within the QR code that will hold the data.
  5. Enter a link or file.
  6. Insert the nonprofit’s logo or other images.
  7. Make sure to include a strong CTA so the audiences know what they are scanning the QR for. Examples of this include, “scan to donate,” “scan to volunteer,” “scan to learn more about our mission,” “scan to sign up for our email list.”
Will QR codes for donations expire?

Whether your QR code will expire depends on the QR code generator you use and the price you pay for it. However, not all QR codes are created equally.

  1. All of Flowcode’s QR codes, including the free basic options, come with unlimited scans and no expiration date. 
  2. Flowcode’s QR codes are dynamic, meaning that one used across a series of campaigns.
  3. Flowcode’s contain smart rules, which allow the linking destination to change based on the time of day, day of the week, and device type.

How can you use QR codes for donations?

QR codes allow organizations to quickly and easily accept donations. Here are some of the ways QR codes can be used for donations: 

  1. Volunteers and staff can use QR codes to accept donations at events.
  2. Nonprofit organizations can create QR codes to link to their donation page on their website. 
  3. QR codes can be printed on promotional materials, such as flyers, posters, and advertisements, which can direct people to the donation page. 
  4. QR codes can be used for virtual tip jars, allowing customers to donate money to charities or causes with a few taps. 
  5. Donors can scan QR codes to make quick and secure donations. 
  6. Donors can use QR codes to automatically transfer money from their bank accounts or credit cards to the organization's donation platform.

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How do you create QR codes for tickets?

Creating QR codes for tickets has never been easier. Here are some steps nonprofits can follow when creating QR codes for tickets.

  1. Choose a GDPR and CCPA secure QR code generator like Flowcode so bad actors can’t generate spoofed tickets.
  2. Make sure to choose a QR code generator that can generate batch QR codes. Once you’ve chosen a code generator you can enter the necessary details and generate hundreds or even thousands of codes to print on tickets.
  3. Events will need an individual QR code for each ticket to verify the authenticity of the ticket. 
  4. Those tickets can be scanned using smartphones to allow for quick and easy admission. 
How can nonprofits encourage someone to scan their QR code?

Understanding how to encourage someone to scan a nonprofit's QR code can be a great way to increase engagement, donations, and brand awareness. Here are some use cases that can help nonprofits get the most out of QR codes: 

  1. Offer incentives such as discounts, free merchandise, or exclusive experiences.
  2. Place QR codes in locations that are easy to scan, such as on promotional materials at events or on signs near a donation box. 
  3. Make sure the QR code leads to an enjoyable experience, such as a website with interesting content or a donation page that is simple to use. 
  4. Use social media to spread the word about the QR code. 
  5. Give people a reason to scan the QR code, such as exclusive content or access to a donation page. 
  6. Include the QR code in emails and newsletters to give people an easy way to scan it. 
  7. Make sure that there is a clear call-to-action associated with the QR code, such as “Scan here to donate” or “Scan here to learn more.”

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