QR Codes for Product Packaging

Communicate big information on small spaces with QR codes

Less is more when it comes to product packaging. QR codes can send scanners to valuable information about your products and educate potential customers about offerings.

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QR codes on product packaging

Scan to learn more

QR codes on packaging provide information immediately. Whether you want to educate customers about your brand’s story or send them to a purchase page, Flowcode QR codes make for a frictionless customer experience.  

Collect CRM at scale

Harness offline channels and use your packaging as a way to gather contact information from potential customers. QR codes on packaging can scan to newsletter sign up forms, contests, or any destination of your choice.

QR codes on shelf talkers
QR codes for ordering purchases

Lightening fast ordering

Scan the Flowcode QR code to get to your web-store. Then click "buy" on your product. That's two clicks. QR codes help people skip the typing and streamline connection to purchase.

"For every flavor of Three Wishes cereal, we print a unique Flowcode on the back of the box to drive engagement and offer a little something extra for those who scan. As a retail-first company, Flowcode plays a huge role in helping us capture our offline audience and introduce our in-store customers to our online community."

Ian Wishingrad, Co-Founder and CMO at Three Wishes

Best practices for QR codes on product packaging

Space on product packaging is precious — but QR codes are worth the addition. Check out these best practices.

  • Mobile landing page

    Connect to a Flowpage

    A Flowpage is a mobile landing page for people to land when they scan your QR code. Share product pages, brand stories, contact info, and more.

  • Beautiful QR codes

    Design your QR code

    Black-and-white QR codes are boring and forgettable. Flowcode produces codes that match your brand and guarantee more scans.

  • Dynamic QR codes

    Use dynamic codes

    Marketing goals change, therefore so should the destination of your QR code. Flowcode QR codes can be changed to any destination at any time.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Using QR codes for product packaging? These features have you covered.

  • Create unlimited QR codes

    Unlimited scans

    Unlike many QR platforms, Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Custom designed codes

    Create a custom code 

    From colors and patterns to logos and shape, customize your code to match your brand.

  • Advanced QR code analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for QR codes for product packaging

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