QR Codes for Consumer Packaged Goods

Engage with your audience and grow your sales

Flowcode QR codes on packaging help you connect with more customers. From increasing web traffic and boosting social followings to building customer loyalty and collecting contacts, QR codes allow for rapid connection. Add codes to your shelf talkers, products, sales materials, and virtually any surface.
Consumer Goods
We help power direct connections for the world's leading brands
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Go custom with dynamic codes
Our team of in-house artists will design a code perfectly tailored to your brand.
[Industry - CPG] Go custom with dynamic codes
Real-time engagement data
See how, when, and where your audience is scanning your creative. Analytics that drive decisions.
[Industry - CPG] Real-time engagement data
Insights by location
Where is your engagement highest? From ad creative to brick and mortar sales, QR codes can provide insights for you and your business partners.
[Industry - CPG] Insights by location
Seamless contact collection
Send scanners to a contact collection form so you can keep up to date on your latest sales, features, or content.
[Industry - CPG] Seamless contact collection

How real CPG brands leverage Flowcode

[Industries - CPG] Building community
Building community
Creating Flowpages — mobile-first landing pages — that can host tons of web links.
[Industries - CPG] Creating shelf talkers
Creating shelf talkers
Less is more. A QR code on a shelf talker maximizes precious retail space.
[Industries - CPG] Business collateral
Business collateral
Instead of handing out cards and one pagers — simply scan to share info.
Use Flowcode to collect 1st party data
See how Haven's Kitchen leverages Flowcode's technology to drive in-store engagement to their products.
[Industry - CPG] Use Flowcode to collect 1st party data
"Leveraging Flowcode to connect multiple aspects of our business - from experiential marketing, to packaging, to print - has been game-changing for us in understanding where and how our consumers interact with the brand. The Flowcode team is best in class and their expertise in driving direct connections is unmatched."
Ali Thomas
Co-Founder at Hampton Water Rosé
How QR codes can support your CPG business
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Build community

A single QR code on your package can link to all your social media pages using a Flowpage. On a Flowpage, you can link to your best reviews and testimonials and provide contact information to your customer support and sales lines. You can also display educational content and encourage people to share your product through different incentives such as deals and rewards.

Create shelf talkers that talk back

Using shelf talkers is a great application of QR for product information. Flowcode’s QRs are designed to fit your brand's aesthetic, making them more attractive than normal QRs. Flowcode also acts as a portal into the digital world, allowing you to display far more product information than a standard shelf talker. For example, once shoppers scan the QR, they can be directed to educational videos, testimonials, complimentary products, special offers, and even given the contact information for sales and customer service reps who can assist them in their purchase.

Using shelf talkers in tandem with Flowcode’s advanced analytics allows you to learn which QRs get the most interaction. If you want to go one step further, when someone scans a QR code for production information, it means there is at least some tacit interest in your product. If you place tracking software on your landing page, you’ll be able to retarget them with PPC ads through platforms like Google and Meta, meaning you can encourage them to buy another time. What other kind of shelf talker can do all of this?

Simplify your business collateral

If you work in consumer packaged goods, there’s a good chance you’re always handing out business collateral. Trade shows, in-store demos, and meetings with distributors all require you to hawk a ton of information. This is bulky and expensive. Therefore, rather than providing an avalanche of print collateral, why not have a stylish, branded QR code that people can scan instead? Here, you can provide and collect contact details. You can also share all the necessary production information that customers need to make decisions.

Remember, once someone scans a QR, they are effectively online. This means you can retarget them and gather important demographic information, assuming you have integrated the proper tracking software. QR scans can be facilitated either through placards, business cards, or through our Flowtag — a sticker that you can print and add to the back of your phone, making sharing information an aerodynamic, seamless experience.

Authenticate your products

Let’s face it, there are a ton of counterfeit products out there, especially in fashion. This is one reason why luxury brands turn to Flowcode as their preferred QR code for product authentication. Placing QR codes on consumer packaged goods gives customers peace of mind that what they’re buying is real.

Better yet, once someone authenticates their product, you also authenticate that they’re a product owner. Since they landed on an online page of yours, this means you can upsell them, collect data, and retarget them through online advertising.

Transform your TV ads into an online powerhouse

Consumer packaged goods are all over TV. Whether that’s shopping, convenience, specialty, or unsought goods, television has historically been the way that consumers find out about the world’s most popular products. While television typically commands two-and-a-half times more attention than digital, where it falters is in its ability to gather data and move people measurably down the next part of the sales funnel.

Implementing a branded Flowcode with a strong CTA into your TV spots is a valuable way to move consumers deeper into the sales funnel while gathering actionable insights into their behavior. You can use these insights to improve your ads and even retarget them online using Meta or Google, for example.

You can also use a Flowcode to gather email addresses, encourage app downloads, take surveys, and offer specials, among a bunch of other capabilities. If there is a destination that you wish to send people to after they view your TV spot, let Flowcode get them there.

Key Flowcode features you get

CPG brands like you rely on these features to scale.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for consumer packaged goods
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What are the benefits of QR codes for CPG?

QR codes let you connect with your audience through their mobile phones. For CPG brands it's common to have codes on the back of labels, in stores with shelf talkers, and at events to collect CRM. QR codes are a fast and easy way to educate buyers about a product, especially when there's limited space on your packaging to explain the benefits.

Can I track how customers are engaging with my QR codes?

Yes! Flowcode Pro offers advanced analytics that lets you see scans by time of day, date, day of week, and device type. Check out Flowcode Pro's other great features.

Do consumers use QR codes?

QR code use has grown by 96% from 2018 to 2020. The pandemic brought on immense use-cases for contactless communication, so QR codes are back and better than ever!

Wondering how to check the QR code of a product?

Checking the QR code of a product is easy. Most modern smartphones contain a QR code scanner built directly into the camera. In other words, all you have to do is open your phone’s camera, and line it up with the code from any direction (QRs can be scanned both horizontally and vertically). You may have to click the picture button, but most phones will automatically pick up that it’s a QR code and then ask if you want to go to the link.

Curious about how to create a QR code for items?

Flowcode’s QR code generator has an intuitive interface that makes creating QR codes for items easy. First, choose the destination you want to send the QR to. Next, pick a design or have our team of artists create an aesthetic-looking one that’s tailored to fit your brand. Once you have this, you only have to add it to the item or the package.

If you need a QR code to be custom for each item this can be done through our API. Here, you can create batches of unique QR codes each with different functions. You can even create unique QR codes for product authentication, where each one is registered to the individual product.


Make sure not to change the aspect ratio of the QR code when incorporating it into your design. We recommend downloading the QR in PNG format too. Following these procedures ensures that your code will work.

What is CPG advertising?

CPG stands for consumer packaged goods. Examples of this include groceries, toys, cosmetics, alcohol, watches, sunglasses, portable electronics, and much more. CPG advertising is using paid channels to inform consumers about your product.

CPG advertisers use online advertising channels, such as Google Ads or Meta Ads, in addition to offline advertising channels like print, linear television, billboards, and even the package itself. That said, offline advertising is becoming less and less popular as time goes on since it lacks the ability to gather data and retarget. However, channels like television are still popular ways to engage large audiences since people pay two-and-a-half times more attention to them compared to digital ads. By adding QR codes to your offline CPG advertising, you can bridge the gap between offline and online advertising, transforming your unmeasured offline ads into data powerhouses that can be used for a myriad of different marketing applications. You can even start retargeting people who scanned online, moving them further down the sales funnel.