QR Codes for Consumer Packaged Goods

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Go custom with dynamic codes

Our team of in-house artists will design a code perfectly tailored to your brand.

Real-time engagement data.

See how, when, and where your audience is scanning your creative. Analytics that drive decisions.

Insights by location

Where is your engagement highest? From ad creative to brick and mortar sales, QR codes can provide insights for you and your business partners.

Seamless contact collection

Send scanners to a contact collection form so you can keep up to date on your latest sales, features, or content.

Use Flowcode to collect 1st party data

See how Haven's Kitchen leverages Flowcode's technology to drive in-store engagement to their products.

Leveraging Flowcode to connect multiple aspects of our business - from experiential marketing, to packaging, to print - has been game-changing for us in understanding where and how our consumers interact with the brand. The Flowcode team is best in class and their expertise in driving direct connections is unmatched.

Ali Thomas, Co-Founder at Hampton Water Rosé

How real CPG brands leverage Flowcode

  • building community CPG

    Building community

    Creating Flowpages — mobile-first landing pages — that can host tons of web links.

  • shelf talkers for CPG

    Creating shelf talkers

    Less is more. A QR code on a shelf talker maximizes precious retail space.

  • cpg business collateral

    Business collateral

    Instead of handing out cards and one pagers — simply scan to share info.

Why 60% of Fortune 500s Use Flowcode.


Host All Your Links

Flowpage is the easiest way to share all your links, social accounts, contact information, and content in a mobile-first landing page. No coding required!

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How QR codes can support your CPG business

Community is key


Business collateral elevated


Transform your TV ads into an online powerhouse


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  •  Custom Designed Code

    Receive a custom Flowcode, created by our in-house designers to match your brand. 

  • Unlimited Scans

    Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for QR codes for consumer packaged goods

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