QR Codes for App Downloads

Instantly send customers to download your app

Get your app downloaded in frictionless and quick process for your customer. Following these practices will help.
App downloads
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Smart rules can detect devices
Easily send people to the correct app store by using smart rules that detect the scanner’s device. This creates less steps between scan and install, which results in more downloads.
Smart rules can detect devices
Add a Flowpage for more destinations
Flowpages are mobile-friendly pages where you can consolidate links in an easy-to-use interface. Keep your socials, tutorials, videos, and links to app stores all in one place.
Add a Flowpage for more destinations
Insert on marketing collateral
Your goal is to get more downloads. Including QR codes on your marketing collateral means your app is two clicks away from being downloaded. QR codes = speed.
Insert on marketing collateral

Best practices for downloading apps with QR codes

Get your app downloaded in frictionless and quick process for your customer. Following these practices will help.
Bold CTAs
By including a clear CTA, like “download now,” it draws the audience's attention and gives them instructions, resulting in more downloads.
Use dynamic codes
Update the online destination of any code you create — even after you printed it.
Design your QR code
Most QR codes are boring. Ours aren’t. Design a code with Flowcode that’s sleak, engaging, and memorable.
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Find out how QR codes can instantly boost your downloads
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Drive downloads from anywhere

Making the app download process as simple as possible ensures that you get more interest and drive downloads effectively. Creating a QR code for your app download process provides lightning fast speed. Suddenly, you can catch users in the street who are typically moving too fast to pause and search for your app online. Enabling users to scan-and-go with a QR code app download process reduces friction and helps get you to your goal of increasing downloads. With Flowcode, you can develop a custom QR code and add it to any of your planned marketing collateral, or create brand new collateral with templates in our print shop . Place your collateral in public spaces or on your packaging to generate interest and downloads with this immediate and tech-savvy solution. With QR prompts, it becomes easier than ever to drive awareness and downloads of you app, helping get more customers into your funnel.

Create a best-in-class user experience

With app downloads, it can be tricky to get users to make the next step when they have to click an extra button to select their supported app store. Using a QR code for app downloads, you can bypass this step using predictive and smart technology. Using Flowcode , you can apply smart-rules: our QR technology can recognize a device type upon scan and automatically prompt users to their suggested app store – Apple, Google, or Android – for a more seamless user experience. Never worry about losing customers along their journey when you make the downloading process as seamless and personalized as possible.

Gather real-time feedback to target your strategy

One of the greatest benefits of using a QR code for app downloads is the real-time feedback you can gather from your app marketing choices. Now your insights and data can go beyond just the number of downloads, but you can gain granular insights on how users consider interacting with your app. Creating a QR code for your app means you can then gain access to scan data ; learn where your marketing campaigns resonate most effectively with geo-location tracking, test which events or conferences capture your ideal audience, and even understand how many users scan and don’t ultimately download your app to identify barriers. Connecting your app downloads to dynamic and data-rich QR codes provides invaluable insights on your offline marketing. Work with Flowcode to instantly create custom QR codes for your app and unlock seamless ready-to-use data to inform your marketing strategy.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for app stores
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How do you scan a QR code to download an app?

Nearly every modern smartphone and tablet device has a camera capable of reading QR codes. By opening the camera and aiming it at the code the device will automatically scan the code and produce a link to the download location of the app. Companies like Flowcode offer dynamic QR codes that will determine which device is being used to scan the code and direct the user to the proper download location.

Are there QR codes for apps?

QR codes can link to the download page for your app. Many modern QR codes are dynamic and can detect the device that is being used to scan the code and take the user directly to the proper app store for instant download. Companies like Flowcode offer analytics that allow you to keep track of which devices are being used to scan your codes and where and when they’re being scanned.

Can you send an app to someone?

QR codes provide a means to access an app in the physical world. While you can manually enter a link printed on a flyer or sticker or other physical surface, it takes time and it’s easy to make mistakes. QR codes offer instant access to their intended destination with far more ease and far less potential for mistakes, making it more likely that potential users will download your app.

Where should I place app QR codes?

Download codes for apps can be placed nearly anywhere in digital or physical space. They can be included in emails printed onto flyers, posters, stickers, and merchandise. As long as the QR code generator you’re using offers unlimited scans, you can place the codes in as many places as possible. Companies like Flowcode offer analytics that allow you to know where and when your codes are being scanned so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

How do I make a QR code to download my app?

There are many options online for QR code generators that make it simple to create a QR code and link it to the download page for your app. While some generators put a limit on the number of scans, others offer codes that can be scanned an unlimited number of times so you can place it in as many places you think will be convenient for potential users. Companies like Flowcode allow you to create a QR code with unlimited scans for free.