QR Codes for Business Cards

Network smarter with QR code business cards

Hand out cards confidently. QR codes on business cards get 60% more engagement, drastically increasing the chances you are contacted.

We power direct connections for the world's leading brands

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QR code business card

Make your contact information easily accessible

A QR code can contain your email, phone, socials, website, and more, all in one place. Implement a vCard, allowing people to save your contact info to their phone in seconds.

Lost cards, be gone

Fixing a QR to your business card makes it easier for people to save your contact information, meaning your card can always exist online.

Never lose your QR code business cards
QR code analytics

Boost sales in a frictionless way

Once someone scans your QR code, they are effectively in your sales funnel. Manage contacts with Flowcode’s analytics or other CRM platform integrations. Once people are online, the sales possibilities are endless.

"We use flowcode on our customers' business cards to give them options! Scan the QR and download their contact details, go to a website for a special promotion, or simply give them a physical card, no matter what with Flow the Client is in charge of what happens next!"

David Blackburn, CEO at Xuitch Marketing

Flowtag is your entire digital presence on the back of your phone

Order a Flowtag to elevate your business card even further. Easily share your contact info, social profiles, payment apps, and more.


Best practices for making a business card with QR codes

You want to get more contacts, right? Let's make your business card pop.

  • QR code mobile landing page

    Connect to a Flowpage

    A Flowpage is a mobile-friendly landing page where you can easily display all your information like socials, website, landing pages, calendar, and way more.

  • Pretty and beautiful QR codes

    Design your QR code

    Typical QRs are boring and forgettable. Attractive QRs stand out. Flowcodes artists can design an exciting-looking code aesthetically tailored to your brand.

  • Dynamic and free QR codes

    Use dynamic codes

    If your goals change, so can your QR’s destination. Flowcode’s Smart Rules allow you to change the destination based on the time of day and day of the week.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more contacts.

  • Create unlimited QR codes

    Unlimited scans

    Unlike many QR platforms, Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • Custom QR codes

    Create a custom code 

    From colors and patterns to logos and shape, customize your code to match your brand.

  • Advanced QR code analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

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