QR Codes for Business Cards

Network smarter with QR code business cards

You want to get more contacts, right? Let's make your business card pop.
Business cards
Make your contact information easily accessible
A QR code can contain your email, phone, socials, website, and more, all in one place. Implement a vCard, allowing people to save your contact info to their phone in seconds.
Make your contact information easily accessible
Lost cards, be gone
Fixing a QR to your business card makes it easier for people to save your contact information, meaning your card can always exist online.
Lost cards, be gone
Boost sales in a frictionless way
Once someone scans your QR code, they are effectively in your sales funnel. Manage contacts with Flowcode’s analytics or other CRM platform integrations. Once people are online, the sales possibilities are endless.
Boost sales in a frictionless way

Best practices for making a business card with QR codes

You want to get more contacts, right? Let's make your business card pop.
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Flowtag is your entire digital presence on the back of your phone
Order a Flowtag to elevate your business card even further. Easily share your contact info, social profiles, payment apps, and more.
Flowtag is your entire digital presence on the back of your phone
Learn how to make your streamline your networking in minutes
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Never get lost in the mix

Chances are that most of the physical business cards you hand out get lost, forgotten, or thrown away. Creating a QR code contact card helps eliminate this problem with ensuring that contact information gets immediately stored on the other person’s phone. Adding a QR code to a business card has never been easier and you can take your presence digital in minutes. Simply use Flowcode to create a custom QR code with your contact information and add it to your existing cards, or better yet a table tent, sticker, depending on your needs. Suddenly, you’ll be ready to go and can instantly exchange contact information, without the hassle of typing. These come especially handy at networking events, trade shows, and any other time you are providing your contact information to several people all at once. Never worry about losing out on connections and leads when you’re prepared and modernized using a QR code contact card that instantly and seamlessly connects you with others.

Always be prepared and effortless

Never find yourself unprepared when you have your card on you at all times. Creating a contactless business card is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’ll always be ready to exchange your personal or professional contact information. Adding a QR code v card to a sticker or Flowtag for your phone or wallet ensures that you’ll always be ready to hand out information on the fly and in just seconds. This handy trick will mean you’re always ready to go, even when you’re in a rush. Better yet, use an organized personal link page, such as a Flowpage, to add more specialized information and automated widgets to your networking. QR code business cards are more flexible and allow you to add more information in one place than a physical card; now you can add your Venmo, social media accounts, and even pre-automated texts and emails to keep potential leads and deals warm. Modernizing the way you network is the surest way to keep in touch and make your everyday information exchange tasks pain-free.

Make contact information collateral evergreen

Dynamic QR codes provide a seamless way to create a contactless business card that is always up to date. If you are a large corporate business, never worry about printing out hundreds of cards per individual or for large corporate events and shows, when you can create a single QR code v card that works for your employees and can be updated anytime or dynamically change to be catered to specific events. Creating evergreen individual and corporate business physical networking tools for your team is seamless when you use Flowcode’s dynamic QR codes. Anytime information needs to be adjusted or personalized, it becomes simple to adjust a digital landing page from the backend with minimal work. QR codes can store unlimited contact information and similarly automate tasks like exchanging information through forms and buttons, automatically make LinkedIn or Twitter connections, and more. Better yet, Flowcode QR codes connect with several popular CRM tools , meaning you collect information through your own online digital portal you have the perfect way to store accounts, addresses, and more.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes on business cards
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How do I create a QR code for my business card?

It’s simple to create a QR code for your business card. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Flowcode’s free QR code generator.
  2. Pick your QR code’s color.
  3. Select your QR code’s shape
  4. Choose the internal pattern on the QR code - there are a few options to make it not look like a run-of-the-mill QR code.
  5. Insert your destination (this can be changed at any time without having to reprint the QR code).
  6. Add your logo or another photo to personalize the QR code.

This QR code will have unlimited scans, will never expire, and will allow you to change the link at any time without having to reprint the code. If you are interested in more custom designs, Flowcode’s professional plans allow you to work with a team of designers to create stunning codes that fits your brand and aesthetic.

Can QR codes replace business cards?

QR codes can replace business cards, but they are better as an enhancement. Simply handing someone a QR code with little context can be confusing, and lead to fewer actions. However, if you supplement your business card with a QR code attached to it, it can transform a physical medium into a digital asset. Here are some benefits of adding QR codes to your business cards:

  1. While business cards can be lost, a business card with a QR code linked to a download of your contact information can be scanned immediately. 
  2. Once your information is loaded on the scanner’s device, it doesn’t matter what happens to the card. 
  3. QR codes can link directly to multimedia files. This can also be done in tandem with a hyperlink so this information can be easily accessible no matter where people are trying to access it.

If you want to replace your business card entirely, Flowcode has specialized Flowtags, that act like the “tap” function on your smartphone (think Google or Apple Pay technology), where people can tap your tag with their phone and receive all the embedded information. 

Are QR codes good for business cards?

Yes, QR codes are good for business cards. QR codes are an amazing way to take business cards into the modern day. Here are some use cases for QR codes as business cards: 

  1. Rather than requiring a potential client or partner to enter a web address manually, they can use their phone to be taken to your website with a simple scan. 
  2. If you have a portfolio, you can link to it directly. 
  3. Many modern QR codes are dynamic, so you can change the location of the code without printing a new one, allowing you to change your marketing campaign on a whim.
  4. Flowcode’s QR codes also allow for smart rules, meaning that the destination can change based on the time of day, day of the week, and device type, allowing for dynamic, intelligent campaigns.
  5. You can link the QR code to analytics, allowing you to track, and even retarget people who scan the QR code.
What can a QR code on a business code link to?

A QR code on a business card QR can link to nearly any online destination. While most QR codes on business codes will link to the website for the business the card was designed to promote, there are many other possible options to consider. Here are some examples:

  1. Portfolios and resumes
  2. Newsletter signups
  3. Promotional or instructional multimedia
  4. eCommerce stores
  5. Directions
  6. Social media pages
  7. Websites
  8. Event registration page
Do the NFC chip and QR code have the same destination?

Yes, the NFC chip, or as we like to call it, a Flowtag, and QR code hold the same information. They simply provide different ways to transfer your information (tap vs. scan).

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets, which enables the exchange of data with NFC chips. NFC chips can be embedded into various items such as: 

  1. Cards
  2. Key fobs
  3. Stickers
  4. Mobile phones
  5. Tablets
  6. Computers

This allows users to easily transfer information from one device to another simply by bringing them into close proximity. NFC chips can also be used for contactless payments, allowing users to pay for goods and services simply by tapping their NFC-enabled mobile device against an NFC-enabled terminal.Our version of the NFC chip, Flowtag, can be easily adhered to any device, allowing for a quick, modern way to send people to your destinations. Get a Flowtag for your business here.

How much does it cost to put a QR code on a business card?

The cost to put a QR code on a business card varies. Usually, a free QR code will suffice but you want to make sure that the code:|

  1. Has unlimited scans
  2. Doesn’t expire
  3. Allows for dynamic linking so the destination can be changed without having to print a new card 
  4. Has built-in analytics

If you’re looking for more robust solutions, check out Flowcode’s paid plans, which allow for more options. Check out how those can help your business here.

Most business card printers don’t charge extra to add a QR code to your design, so depending on who you go with, the price will vary. However, business cards are just cardboard and ink, so it won’t be so bad.