QR Codes for Hiring Employees

Effortlessly collect applications for open roles

Looking for more applicants? QR codes let you tap new channels for leads. Check out some best practices
Hiring employees
Company vehicles that collect leads
By adding a QR code to a company vehicle, you provide job seekers the ability to learn more about your company while on the move. Flowcode’s destinations are dynamic, meaning you can update the positions available without making a new QR code.
Company vehicles that collect leads
Make your print media a hiring tool
Receipts, flyers, posters, business cards, and more can be used as a hiring tool. A Flowcode paired with clear hiring CTA is a powerful opportunity to inform people that you are hiring.
Make your print media a hiring tool
Applying made instant! Rapid CRM collection
Flowcode integrates with CRM platforms, allowing you to organize and contact your applicants with ease. Whether you want to sync submissions to a Google Sheet or Zapier, Flowcode has you covered.
Applying made instant! Rapid CRM collection

Best practices for QR codes for hiring

Looking for more applicants? QR codes let you tap new channels for leads. Check out some best practices
Match your brand
No more boring black-and-white QR codes. Include your logo, choose a shape, and add artistic flair around the code to make them pop.
Use dynamic codes
Flowcodes never expire and the destination can be changed at any time depending on what position you’re hiring for.
Clear calls to action
Without a clear Call to Action, people will be less motivated to scan the Flowcode. Including copy, like “apply now,” means more people will apply for your position.
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Tips on creating a steady hiring stream
Want to learn more?
Gather leads from anywhere

You can make generating passive leads for roles seamless -- we're here to help. If you already create physical marketing ads at your storefront, elevate them instantly by configuring them with a QR code for hiring. Simply let passersby scan to learn more about the position and share their application and resume in seconds. If you aren't already using offline marketing, diversify how you share your open roles on more than just LinkedIn and job listings. Stand out when you turn any physical space into an opportunity to recruit talent quickly and gather more applicants than ever before. Imagine turning every delivery van, takeout box, or product package into an opportunity to grab more inbound leads to build a talented team fast. When you use a QR code for hiring, any surface can become an opportunity to share your open roles and automatically direct potential applicants to your hiring portal. People simply have to scan and go with a frictionless solution like Flowcode.

Streamline the application process

Gather more applicants when you make it painlessly easy to navigate your application process using QR codes for hiring. Help prospective applicants by automatically connecting them from "help wanted" signs to a curated online portal that shares your company mission and culture, open roles, important logistics details, and contact information to reach out to your team. When you create a curated landing page for hiring, such as a Flowpage , you can provide all prospective applicants with information at their fingertips and the ability to get started on applying and outreach instantly. Flowcodes and Flowpages are also always dynamic. From the portal, you can change where people are directed and which links are available. Never worry about the hassle of updating open roles page when our website brings the editing process down to just seconds.

Collect contact information in seconds

If you're looking to gather vast amounts of contact information, there's no faster way to do that than using QR codes for hiring. Combining a Flowcode and a Flowpage enable you to get someone online in seconds and instantly drop in their email and phone number for you to reach out to them. Flowcode also works with 6+ popular CRM integrations that enables you to store, arrange, and re-target all contact information instantly. Make it easier than ever to gather potential new hires from trade shows, networking events, and other social opportunities when you add a Flowcode to your storefront or even add one to the back of your phone.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for hiring
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How can QR codes be used for hiring?

Yes, QR codes can be used for hiring, as they are a unique, paperless way to recruit and hire new employees. Here are some great ways to use QR codes for hiring: 

  1. Provide a link to an online job application form and job fairs, in your office, in emails, on billboards, on the side of vehicles, and more. QR codes make it easy to educate people about your company and your positions. 
  2. Have a database of well-qualified recruits that may be interested in the job? Send them direct mail with a QR code on it so they can scan it and learn more about the job posting in an instant.
  3. Applicants can place QR codes on resumes, allowing recruiters to access their portfolio, references, introductory videos, blog, full CV, and more. These can all be tied to a Flowpage, a mobile-friendly landing page that indexes all of them intuitively. 
  4. Direct applicants to a virtual interview. 
  5. Facilitate onboarding processes such as employee handbooks, training videos, and more. All of these can be linked on a Flowpage, a mobile-friendly landing page.
  6. Create check-ins at job fairs simple with a QR code login. 

How do I create a QR code for hiring?

It’s simple to create a QR code for hiring. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose if you require a free plan or a paid plan. Small businesses may only require one QR code for their hiring needs, therefore a free plan would probably be suitable. Free plans allow you to change the link at any time, never expire and have great design capabilities. A paid plan on the other hand will be needed if you have multiple positions that will be filled and multiple campaigns in order to do so.
  2. Design your code. Free plans offer the ability to change the code's shape, color, matrix pattern, insert logos, and links. Paid plans allow businesses to work with Flowcode’s team of designers to create something truly unique and tailored to the company’s messaging. 
  3. Insert a strong call to action with every QR code so people know what actions to take. Examples include, “scan now to apply,” “scan now to access my portfolio,” “scan now to view job posting.”
Where should QR codes for hiring be placed?

QR codes for hiring can be placed in a variety of places, such as:

  1. Flyers
  2. Posters
  3. Billboards
  4. Business entrances and exists
  5. Receipts
  6. Resumes
  7. Business cards
  8. Email signatures
  9. Banners
  10. Placards
Can you tell when your recruitment codes are scanned?

Yes, you can tell when your recruitment codes are scanned by checking Flowcode’s built-in analytics. You can check:

  1. Time of day
  2. Day of the week
  3. Device type
  4. Which QR code was scanned, allowing you to check which marketing medium it was printed on, and gauge effectiveness.

If you require more advanced analytics, like through Google Analytics, simply tie the landing pages that each QR code is associated with to the analytics, and get more robust insights. Read more about how Flowcode’s analytics can be used to gather robust insights.

How can I encourage applicants to scan my recruitment code?

Having a recruitment code is a great way to track applicants and measure the success of your recruiting efforts. But how can you encourage applicants to scan your recruitment code? Here are a few tips to get you started: 

  1. Make sure your recruitment code is visible and easy to find on your website, job postings, and any other materials related to hiring. 
  2. Create a dedicated landing page for applicants to scan the code. Include information about the job, company, and other relevant details. 
  3. Offer incentives for applicants who scan your recruitment code. This could include discounts on products or services, special promotions, or even a chance to win a prize. 
  4. Promote your recruitment code on social media. This can help spread the word and encourage more people to scan it. 
  5. Send an email to your current and former employees, asking them to share the recruitment code with their networks. 
  6. Include the recruitment code on your business cards, so people can easily scan it when they meet you. By following these tips, you can help ensure that more applicants scan your recruitment code and make the most of your recruiting efforts.