QR Codes for Live Events

Manage live events with QR codes

Step 1 is creating the codes, but how are you going to get people to scan them? Check out our best practices for using QR codes at events.
Live events
Add QR codes to tickets
From making check-in easy (no more clumsy ticket ripping) to sending customers to promotional deals, adding QR codes to tickets opens up a world of possibilities.
Add QR codes to tickets
Sell merchandise with ease
QR codes connect to any URL, like an online store, and make it easy for customers to shop online and skip the in-person lines. It's a win-win — give your buyer options while creating an additional point of sale for your event.
Sell merchandise with ease
Collect customer information
A mailing list is the bread and butter of any live event promoter. A QR code is an easy way to get them to sign up. Create lead magnets and strong CTAs to encourage people to volunteer their contact details.
Collect customer information
Access the Flowcode API for real estate
Need to create Flowcode QR codes at scale for your events? Want your performance data piped directly to your systems? Create unique codes for ticketing, NFT drops, real-time event engagement monitoring, and more.
Access the Flowcode API for real estate

Best practices for QR codes at events

Step 1 is creating the codes, but how are you going to get people to scan them? Check out our best practices for using QR codes at events.
WiFi is key
Venues can have bad reception. Ensure there's WiFi at your venue so people can scan QR codes with ease and explore your digital destinations.
Is your staff educated?
QR Codes are a valuable resource to get engagement in your venue — but only if they are being scanned. Ensure your staff is prompting customers to scan codes.
Include calls to actions
CTAs get people to take action. They reduce decision fatigue, create a clear path to the next step, and improve conversions. Give people a reason to scan your QR.
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"We use Flowcode in many different ways to add a fun user experience for our fanbase attending Somerset Patriots Minor League Baseball games. Each seat in the ballpark has a QR Code, which I change every game to something specific for that game. We also use to add opportunities for fans to sign up for contests, promotions, scavenger hunts, and much more!"
Dave Marek
Senior Vice President, Marketing at Somerset Patriots
Learn how to optimize your event flow
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Shorten wait time with seamless check-in

Event lines are always a hassle. They leave attendees waiting in long and slow moving lines, and often leave event staff overwhelmed by the surge of attendees at certain times. Streamline your event check-in process by using QR codes for event tickets. While waiting, attendees can simply load their event QR code and present it to the security and staff – scan and go. This simple solution creates a seamless experience for all attendees and ensures everyone can enter the venue with ease. QR code event check in is also useful as codes offer a secure platform to validate tickets. The complexity of QR codes decreases the likelihood of counterfeit tickets through the backend validation process of codes. Similarly, the transfer ticket process by popular reselling platforms becomes an easier experience for attendees to navigate; those purchasing tickets on the day of don’t have to worry about printing or shipping delays with physical event tickets or wristbands when the event they are attending has QR code check-in. Flowcode’s platform creates unique and secure codes perfect for events.

Harvest returning attendees for future events

Collecting customer contact information is key to keeping them in your funnel for future event retargeting. Capture high-value attendees by adding QR codes at your event venue that prompts attendees to enter contact information. When you create a Flowcode QR code for events, you can add endless CRM collection touch points, including: enter contact information for freebies or lotteries, sharing mail or contact information for exclusive events or pre-sales, or requiring contact collection to connect to WiFi. You can use convincing CTA’s like “Scan to Enter” or “Scan for Inside Access” to entice attendees to volunteer their names, phone numbers, and emails for future SMS and email event campaign marketing. When you use event QR codes you can find countless ways to passively collect additional contact information that will keep a steady flow of attendees to all your future events.

Drive merchandise sales with omni-channel touch points

Merchandise lines within venues can also often be packed, disorganized, and hard to navigate – turning away many potentially interested buyers. Help your attendees enjoy their event experience without needing to worry about missing out on the show experience or needing to lug around merchandise they might lose. When you use QR codes for events you can provide customers with an alternative way to shop the tour or event merchandise. Simply create a Flowcode and let consumers scan to enter your online merchandise shop. This omni-channel selling platform increases opportunities for consumers to buy on their own time. When you connect QR codes for event merchandise, watch your sales soar by making the online purchasing experience easy and the offline one more streamlined.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for QR codes for events
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How do you use QR codes for events?

QR codes are a useful tool for event planners to create a unique and interactive experience for their guests. Here are some of the best use cases for how you can use QR codes for events: 

  1. Verify entrance to an event with QR code ticketing; enable ticket holders to quickly and easily access their tickets. 
  2. Streamline the event registration process with QR codes; allow attendees to quickly provide their personal information and register for an event by placing QR codes at the entrance to an event.  
  3. Use QR codes to securely process payments without the need for physical money or credit cards. 
  4. Collect feedback from event attendees by placing QR codes around the event in strategic spots. This gives event planners valuable insight into the success of their event. 
  5. Provide attendees with quick access to event schedules, enabling them to easily keep track of the events they are attending. 
  6. Give access to your WiFi for attendees of the event by embedding the login information into a QR code. 

We created a guide on everything you need to know about using QR codes at events. If you’re throwing a concert, we wrote another guide about how we have seen them used at concerts. Check them out.

Can QR codes link to calendar events?

Yes, QR codes can link to calendar events. This makes it easy for audiences to view the calendar and add it to their events with a simple scan of their phone. Here are some use cases for QR codes linking to calendar events: 

  1. Event organizers can include QR codes in promotional materials to allow attendees to quickly add events to their calendars, research the event, and/or purchase tickets. 
  2. Businesses can include QR codes in emails and on their websites to allow customers to add events to their mobile calendars.
  3. Schools can include QR codes in emails, on their websites, and in printed materials to allow students and parents to quickly add important events and activities to their calendars. 

Restaurants and bars that host events can include QR codes on menus, flyers, and other printed materials to allow customers to add events to their calendars.

How do you create QR codes for tickets?

Yes, you can create QR codes for tickets. Whether you're running a concert, theater production, or another type of event, QR codes are a great way to track and manage ticketing. Here are some of the ways you can use QR codes for tickets: 

  1. QR codes are an ideal way to generate unique, tamper-proof ticket codes. When scanned, they can quickly and easily verify tickets. Flowcode allows for batch QR code generation so you can create your own ticketing system. 
  2. QR codes can be used to check people in at events, allowing for quick and easy access control. 
  3. QR codes can be used to securely transfer tickets from one person to another. 
  4. QR codes can be linked to digital tickets, allowing customers to access their tickets quickly and easily. 

QR codes can be printed on tickets, allowing customers to simply scan them to gain access. By leveraging QR codes, event organizers can easily generate, manage, and track tickets, ensuring a streamlined and secure ticketing process.

How do I create a free QR code for an event?

It’s easy to create a free QR code for an event. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you choose a free QR code generator that has unlimited scans, like Flowcode.
  2. You will want a free QR code generator where the code never expires, so you can leave the information up for your event for as long as you need. Flowcode makes this possible. 
  3. Most free QR codes don’t allow you to change the link destination, meaning that you will need a new QR code whenever you promote a new event. With Flowcode, this link can be changed whenever, allowing you to use the same QR code on future events, or update current marketing campaigns. 

How do I create a QR code for an invitation?

It’s simple to create a QR code for an invitation. This creates an easy way to display more information than would typically be contained in a normal physical invitation. Follow these steps to create a QR code for an invitation:

  1. Design an invitation as you normally would and leave space for the QR code.
  2. Include a call to action that tells people why they should scan the QR code. Examples include, “scan for more information,” “scan to RSVP,” etc. 
  3. Go to a QR code generator like Flowcode’s. 
  4. Choose the shape.
  5. Choose the color
  6. Choose the internal pattern
  7. Upload a logo
  8. Select your link. If you have multiple things to link to then consider using a Flowpage, a mobile-friendly landing page where you can seamlessly display multiple links and destinations. 
  9. Embed it onto your invitation.
  10. Add a call to action

Here are some creative ways to get more RSVPs with QR codes on invitations.