Terms of Use

Effective Date: November 22nd, 2023

The following terms and conditions apply to your free trial of Flowcode services.

1. Your free trial will be for 7 days from the date on which you activate the trial.

2. You may invite others to participate in your trial and they will be subject to the same terms to which you are subject for the duration of your trial.

3. At the end of the trial, you and the others that you have invited to your trial will have no access to the trial services.

4. You may cancel the trial at any time by selecting the basic plan on the /select-plan page or by emailing the Flowcode support team at [email protected]

5. If you select a plan, please contact the Flowcode support team at [email protected] with any questions that you may have.

6. Flowcode reserves the right to remove or change features of the trial, including these terms, at any time.

7. The trial offer applies to new users of a plan only, and is limited to one trial per user.

8. Flowcode Terms of Use apply to your free trial.